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Triumph Triumph – TR6

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CAR DESCRIPTION Two versions of the TR6 were built between 1968 and 1976. The TR6s were divided between carburetors and named injection (PI). The only engine available in production was the 2500cc in-line 6-cylinder. The car we offer is a carburettor version, very rare on the market today, perhaps more sought after today than the PI as Lucas injection has always caused fuel problems. Car in BRG color with tobacco interior, completely overhauled and well used over time. No extraordinary maintenance is required. AUTOMOTIVE PRACTICES We carry out registrations, tests, inspections, radiations, imports and exports, ASI registrations, insurance for historic cars, request for CSAI and FIVA fiche and any other automotive practice. Vehicles with a foreign license plate are intended to be sold with the documents of the state of origin suitable for registration in Italy. Any registration is always charged to the buyer and excluded from the sale price. CONDITIONS OF SALE In the impossibility of continuous updating, the published price is to be considered indicative. Luzzago reserves the right to change it without notice for market reasons and for improvements made. Please refer to the official price list available on site. The descriptive data and documentation relating to the car may contain errors or inaccuracies. Therefore what is described has no contractual value but is purely indicative. Luzzago is not liable for any lack or discrepancy of parts or components with respect to the original production and homologation characteristics. The buyer is responsible for carrying out the necessary checks. For any information we are at your disposal at +39 030/2411531 or by email at
Anno * 1973
Carrozzeria Coupé cabriolet
Alimentazione Benzina
Cambio Manuale
Vendo / Compro Vendo
Iscrizione Registro ASI * No
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Numero certificato-