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Mercedes 1967 Mercedes-Benz 250SL Pagode

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The Mercedes Benz 250 SL 1967 model is a classic car that evokes a sense of nostalgia and elegance. From the sleek curves of its body to the sound of its engine, this car is a true masterpiece of automotive engineering. Only 5,196 of the 250 SLs were produced. The 250 SL was the third generation of the legendary SL class, and it was designed to be a more refined and luxurious version of its predecessor. Its stylish appearance and luxurious interior made it a favourite of celebrities and high-end car enthusiasts. Under the hood, the 250 SL was powered by a 2.5-liter six-cylinder engine that produced 148 horsepower. This engine was known for its smooth power delivery and impressive torque, making it a joy to drive on both city streets and highways. This model is part of the SL-Class or “Sport Leicht” series of Mercedes Benz, which stands for “sporty light” in English. The Mercedes Benz 250 SL 1967 model is a car that inspires passion and admiration in all who see it. Its timeless style, innovative features, and impressive performance are a testament to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the Mercedes Benz brand. The car was carefully and perfectly restored and ready to be loved. It was restored in our garage in which we restore classic cars and have a large collection of cars.

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Anno * 1967
Carrozzeria Cabriolet
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