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Autobianchi Autobianchi Bianchina 110 DBA

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Autobianchi Bianchina 110 DBA

1964, colore verde e bianca, interni beige, 499cc, targata Belluno, revisionata, ben tenuta, con porta pacchi cromato. Venite in sede per confermare che rispecchi le vostre aspettative. Su richiesta, eseguiamo trasporti a destinazione.

Autobianchi Bianchina Berlina (110 DBA), 1964, in green and white roof matching beige/black interior trim, powered by 499cc engine, registered in Italy, well kept inside and out, the body is not showing relevant defects, comes with chrome luggage rack which is an optional, with valid road test. Autobianchi factory was owned by Fiat and Pirelli during the 1960s, and used to test their anachronistic innovations before adopting them on Fiat’s. So, the iconic Binachina, like all Autobianchi’s, is the result of huge investments, and it is definitely one of the most known and popular cars of Italy of that period. A practical example? If you examine an urban photo of the 1960s, you can very probably spot at least one Bianchina among Fiats. Autobianchi and Fiat are also relatives, since they basically share the same mechanic and chassis, and they are known to be particularly reliable with the right maintenance. In fact, this Bianchina was still in regular use. Visits are welcome. On request, we can arrange transports to European destinations.

Anno 1964
Carrozzeria Berlina
Alimentazione Benzina
Cambio Manuale
Vendo / Compro Vendo
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